GH Ltd. was founded in 2016 due to my creative drive for fashion and style. My personal experience with intolerances made me aware of the importance of products used in everyday life, particularly garments. In order to create individual and unique pieces, we work with materials consisting mainly of natural fibres like wool, silk, linen, cotton, yak, alpaca and cashmere depending on the season. We avoid the use of plastic. 

All materials are sourced from within Europe, predominantly from the UK, Austria and Italy to guarantee a high quality. Our garments are produced in-house by a small team of enthusiasts. We aim to produce eco-conscious, high quality garments by maximising the use of natural fibres and minimizing synthetics.

Our style is sporty, current, elegant, sophisticated and urban. The designs are inspired by leisure wear. Our garments are wearable, glamorous, chic and dressy and help simplify everyday wardrobe choices. Our line aims to be accessible, refreshing and uncomplicated, yet clean and versatile.

Everyday life is full of deadlines and appointments. Our collections truly embrace the lifestyle of a modern woman living up to her full potential.

We aim to inspire women to think with an eco-conscious mindset and raise their confidence in style decisions.

Currently our spring-summer collection is being sold in Vienna. I have had earlier collections in Kensington and in Klagenfurt in a concept store.