Who Are We?

“Everyday life is full of deadlines and appointments. Our collections truly embrace the lifestyle of a modern woman living up to her full potential. We aim to inspire women to think with an eco-conscious mindset and raise their confidence in style decisions.”

Gunda Hafner



Our Story

I founded Gunda Hafner Limited in 2016. My company focusses on using natural fibres in order to minimise the consequences of synthetics and to eliminate the use of plastics.

I work hard to ensure materials are sourced ethically and of high quality, mainly from European regions. My small dedicated team help to ensure pieces are unique yet made to an exceptional standard and appeal to a wide range of women. To us, making sustainability accessible is a priority. To us, sustainability comes naturally and is embedded within our practice. To us, this is how we believe it should be by default across all brands.

Our company’s story supports our ethical beliefs. We would like to share the journey with you and prove that to be sustainable does not mean compromising an already busy modern schedule. We recognise that clothing should be versatile and meet the needs of modern lifestyles, whilst also helping to simplify everyday wardrobe choices.


Gunda Hafner, founder

Picture this: a young girl who was first introduced to sewing and knitting by her Grandmother, who loved growing up in a rural area and being close to nature and whose personal experience with intolerances led her to see the need to make change within the fashion industry.

This is Gunda Hafner - a designer whose inspiration was her upbringing, whose sustainable practices became embedded in her everyday life, whose brand is shaped by both her own and her family’s beliefs, and who continues to look for innovative yet eco-conscious techniques to incorporate into each collection.