Gunda Hafner Ltd aims to use natural fibres sourced in Europe (England, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Italy) focusing on materials such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, cashmere and viscose depending on the season. 

We are determined not to use any real fur or leather but to increase the use of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabrics. Our fur substitute consists primarily of wool (82%) rather than synthetic materials. Cotton is a low allergenic material that allows the skin to breathe and is our material of choice. However, we consider a small percentage of spandex as necessary in order to meet modern requirements of garments.

By choosing classical colours, creating garments suitable for various occasions and situations and by using cuts that are comfortable yet chic, we strive to create products that last longer in terms of quality and design, therefore contributing to our aim of sustainability.   

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I was born and raised in Austria and graduated from Fashion College Herbststraße in Vienna. To support and enrich the decision-making in the process of creating garments, I went to Central St Martins and to the Royal College of Fashion to attend courses for personal styling, colour consultation and fashion styling.

I decided to found my company in 2016 and am currently working on my seventh collection.