Where do the fabrics come from?

Our suppliers are based in England, Ireland, France, Spain and Italy and not any further to consider the associated carbon footprint.

What are the materials used?

The fabrics of each garment are carefully sourced according to their composition.

Our focus is on natural materials like: cotton, silk, linen, wool, viscose. We accept elastane in a very low percentage in favour of our customers' comfort and in sync with the requirements of modern times.

Our “fake fur” consists of 80% high quality mix of baby alpaca and fine merino wool, which we are very proud of.

Where are the clothes produced?

They are all made in Greater London. All items fulfil basic requirements we care about: they need to be different, comfortable and practical.

Who makes the clothes?

All items in our collection are produced either in our studio or are outsourced to a local production in order to guarantee the quality standards.

Most of us have different backgrounds. We come together because we love what we are doing. From getting in touch with the suppliers, making patterns, sewing, ironing, and keeping records of the many different designs. We learn on a daily basis and appreciate that.

What makes the clothes special?

We celebrate 2 collection releases per year that are followed by smaller shopping events. Every single item is only replicated in limited quantities. It is very difficult to guarantee an entire ecological product, but we do our best to stay conscious and minimise the ecological impact.