G.O.T.S Certified Fabrics

What’s the Big Deal and Why Do We Use Them?

Numerous fabrics are used in the fashion industry. Their origins and means of production are not very well known.

When buying from mass retailers not everyone pays attention to materials that make up their favourite tops, skirts and jackets. Companies tempt us with low prices and multipacks that often go hand in hand with low quality. So far, not many people question how and by whom our clothes were made.

Only recently has there been more awareness of the social and environmental impact in the fashion industry as more and more catastrophes surface.  

G.O.T.S (The Global Organic Textile Standard) is setting benchmarks for producing fibres according to ecological and social criteria. It is a world wide leading and independent certification that considers all parts of production throughout the textile production chain. Any fabric submitted for G.O.T.S certification is sampled and tested for many criteria including a minimum of 70% organic content in order to pass certification and is widely recognised in the fashion industry. Its strict requirements aim to protect organic manufacturers as well as traders. 

The G.O.T.S certification aims at providing transparency and giving customers the certainty that they are buying truly organic products.

Gunda Hafner Ltd. commits to use an even higher percentage of natural fibres in the fabrics chosen. Fabrics with the G.O.T.S certification are used in conjunction with other materials, such as wool-based faux furs in our garments. This ensures to anyone wearing our products that their clothes are an example of eco-fashion and are of the highest standard and quality.

Furthermore, we thoroughly believe that by propagating the use of sensible fabrics more consumers will see and appreciate the benefits of eco-friendly materials over non-organic fabrics. We hope to contribute to widening the cause for sustainable fashion in the industry for years to come.

by Bartek Kaczmarczyk

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