This mission is something we took over from our personal lifestyle and have implemented into our company policy. Gunda Hafner Ltd. is very passionate about using as little plastic as we can. Even though it is often challenging, we want to go the extra mile to research and avoid plastic at all cost. We have seen the effects plastic has on the animals, the oceans and every part of our life. We don’t use any in our garments, which means no fabrics that include micro-plastics like polyester. Our staff don’t receive any plastic water bottles but we instead have a water filter and reusable bottles and glasses.


Sustainability and eco-friendly

The brand Gunda Hafner Ltd. was originally created to make high quality garments for women that do not compromise the environment. This included using high quality materials and fabrics like wool, cotton and silk. We try to only select GOT certified materials that have a low carbon footprint (for a full description of what GOT certified means, head over to our features page). We also avoid synthetic materials due to their tendency to shed micro fibres and micro plastics that are harmful to the environment. By doing this, we want to prove that fashion does not have to be a harmful industry and that nature and fashion can work together to create beautiful garments.

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Save the Animals

Being animal lovers, the company has decided not to use any animal products for the production of the garments. Along with the environmental implications that the leather and fur production have, we also don’t want any bloodshed on behalf of the clothes we make. For example, we have recently discovered Pinatex. They create leather using pineapple fibres which can be seen in our last two collections.

We recently also started a “Save the Bees” campaign in partnership with the Vineyard Community. We produce handmade t-shirts to create awareness about the slow extinction of the bees. We hope that through those t-shirts, customers become more aware and hopefully even change some of their habits for the better.



This company mission is a very new one. The designer has recently become very passionate about inclusivity due to meeting Sam Bullock, a wheelchair user and model. Together they are working on trying to be more inclusive in the fashion industry. Gunda is currently designing a collection for Sam which will be inclusive and easier to wear for wheelchair users while not compromising style and still being able to be worn by all.



Lastly, Gunda finds it incredibly important that the community also benefits from her work. She always hopes to teach new skills and offer opportunities. She has worked together with a number of fashion colleges to offer internships to young fashion students who are eager to learn in the field. Moreover, she has partnered with the Vineyard community, a community centre for the homeless in Richmond. At first Gunda donated leftover fabric pieces to their sewing course for them to use and practice. The sewing course produce and sell various items that they handcraft in the lessons with their proceeds being donated to the homeless shelter. Gunda Hafner Ltd. is currently looking into partnering with the Vineyard Community for a project.